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Frequently Asked Questions

 Why was the Assessment Service established?

In response to enquiries from human resource managers and managing partners to provide an independent test to determine the technical skills of its job applicants, the Center began preparations in 2003. In the spring of 2005, it began consultations with the profession. It completed these consultations in the summer of 2006.

 How does the assessment process work?

Assessment exams are two hours long. The proctor will bring the requested exam along with the Rules of Supreme Court of British Columbia. Upon the completion of the exam, the proctor will bring them to one of the teaching staff of LCC/CPI to mark and review. A confidential report will be issued to the party that ordered the service.

 Is the Assessment Service exam an open book exam?

Candidates will be allowed to bring their Rules of Court and notes. Phones, PDAs, laptops and other electronic devices are not allowed.

 Does the Assessment Service have an exam for legal assistants?

LCC/CPI does not have exams for legal assistants. For legal assistants who need to determine which of the two types of exam they should write for, please contact our office.

 Does the Assessment Service treat a generalist and a specialist differently?

LCC/CPI recognizes that the depth of each candidate’s experience and knowledge varies because their exposure depends on the area of law and the style of practice of their employer. Consider two persons who have worked in the same law firm for four years, one who was exposed to the whole gamut of skills required in trial preparation; while the other was exposed to a specific area only (e.g. interlocutory work). Thus both should be able to compete for a job opening available that requires for three to five years experience based on their years of experience. Landing a higher technical score does not necessarily mean that that candidate is the most suitable for the job. There are many factors which go into determining the qualifications of someone, not all of which can be quantified. Thus, the anecdotal report will focus on identifying the areas of strengths of each candidate. If the test is being used for employment purposes, it is up to the manager of the firm to select the one who is a better fit for the lawyer looking for staff.

 If a firm wants to use the Assessment Service, how do they arrange it?

Firms may book exams for their staff. The exams can be done on or off site.During CPI’s Open House, a room is set aside for individuals who wish to write an exam of their choice. As well, a special Open House rate applies. Exams taken during the Open House are marked and sent back within two weeks.

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